About Us

Ma: Growing up, there were difficulties in accepting my deep-hued skin. From being bullied, I had made some alterations to my skin to feel accepted, all the while battling occasional familial seborrheic dermatitis breakouts. I had to find a way to repair the damage done to my skin. With research (and trial & error), I learned how to love my skin, how to strengthen the integrity of my skin, eat right according to my skin sensitives and use appropriate products for my skin type.


It was time to find a career, after thinking long and hard I decided on becoming a nurse. My career propelled me into skincare. I had spoken it into the universe and to my long time friends that from my nursing career, I would start my own skincare line. I didn't know how but I proclaimed it. Among my friends, I was the go-to for skin and health care advice. I'd learned and the knowledge of herbs and remedies just stuck.


Years went by and the idea of creating my skincare line was still on my heart. I would speak on it with my partner but lacked the confidence, discipline and organization needed to run a business. I became a mother back in 2017 allowing myself time to really think of where I needed to be. The mother & daughter bond I created with Ellie allowed me to see that the things I enjoyed. Creating different natural skincare products, Ellie had witnessed and also enjoyed taking part in the process.


This is what brought forth our brand name, Ellie + Ma. Formulating products considering not only my own but Ellie's skin sensitivities, age and more gave us deeper insight into the many people in need of natural, gentle, and effective skincare.